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Some Love from our Happy Customers
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“I tried to work with three other tree services before I found Preservation Tree Care. Their tree trimming technicians are skillful, caring, and friendly. The entire team took pride in its work. I had forgotten what good service was like until they visited my home and restored my Norway maple to good health and a stunning aesthetic.”

RuAnn Keith (Google Reviews)

“I’m so happy with Preservation Tree Care. Six years ago my crab apple tree lost a ton of huge branches due to an early fall snow storm. From the looks of things it pretty much destroyed my tree. At the time I didn’t know that pruning could have prevented the disaster. I had Preservation Tree Care come and clean up the mess and then prune it back to help prevent future breakages. Their artistic pruning also really made a huge aesthetic difference. I can’t believe how well my tree pulled through with their help. Every few years I have them back to keep up the pruning and now I have the most beautiful tree in the neighborhood (at least I think so!).”

Kimberly Benefield (Google Reviews)

“We worked with Preservation’s certified arborist to identify trees to be removed to decrease fire danger. He was able to suggest which trees should be removed while preserving our views and the landscape on our property. The removal of about a dozen good-sized ponderosas and firs was handled quickly and efficiently in one day by Preservation’s crew. Many Thanks!!!!”

Douglas Jenner (Google Reviews)

“PTC has taken care of our trees both at our current and prior residences. They’ve also taken care of trees and shrubs at our office complex. Matt and his crew are very knowledgeable and professional. They truly love their work and were very thorough in explaining the process and providing a very detailed and fair quote. I wouldn’t recommend anyone else for tree care as they are excellent!”

Bryan Schmitt (Google Reviews)

“I have trusted Preservation Tree Care for over 10 years now on a 150 year old Elm that shades my entire house in the summer. They are always helpful and give plenty of advice on what you can do yourself in addition to their superior services. They are thorough, complete and do a great job. A+ and I would always recommend them for any needs you have. Thanks guys!”

Greg Schmide (Google Reviews)

“I was absolutely impressed with their attention to detail. The quote was very reasonable compared to the others I had received. The crew was punctual, professional, and very clean! Definitely a fantastic experience. I highly recommend! Thanks guys!”

Lee E. (Yelp Reviews)

“Jon C and his team are amazing. I was very worried about my trees at my new home and had noticed that several of the neighbors trees had died in since I moved in. Jon came out and immediately knew we were in trouble and needed help before we started to lose our trees. We had Wooly Aphids and Fire Blight. Preservation treated that day and we were able to save all but one crabapple tree. I honestly would have probably waited until next year to even have them out but their knowledge of the Denver market was spot on. I credit them for saving me thousands of dollars and more importantly saving my trees!

Thank you Jon and thank you Preservation Tree Care!”

Mark K. (Yelp Reviews)

“We have used Preservation Tree Care for the past 8 years, and we couldn’t be happier with their service. The advice they’ve given about maintaining our trees has been stellar, and their pruning and treatment of our trees has enabled us to create the kind of yard we want. They’ve even saved our fruit trees from blight! Their arborists are punctual, courteous, friendly, and well-qualified. You won’t go wrong by hiring them for your needs!”

Allison Hagood (Google Reviews)

“The team of professionals from Preservation Tree Care have gone over and above normal expectations in proving care for my trees and other large landscaping plants. They are knowledgeable, courteous, and do a great job cleaning up after providing services that make a mess. Over the years they have provided tree trimming, fertilization and pest control for my trees. Last spring they planted a new tree for me, which is thriving. I always feel confident they know what they are doing! I couldn’t be happier and would highly recommend P.T.C. if you want professional service and a great value for the dollar spent!”

Linda Denny (Google Reviews)

“We had Matt Shepayo with Preservation Tree Care out to our home to survey our property and the trees around it. We immediately liked Matt and his enthusiasm for trees. He knew all kinds of interesting facts about our trees, how old they were, how they have survived different weather years etc. Afterwards he gave us a clear understanding of what it will take to care for our trees and maintain their branches. Prior to Preservation Tree Care’s treatments and pruning, we would inevitably loose branches in the heavy spring and fall snow storms. Since we have been working with them, we have not lost any branches and our trees look better than ever.”

Laura Harris (Harris Family Chiropractic and Massage)

“These guys and the company are awesome.
Jon is great at communication, putting together an overview and bid and getting things scheduled. They are knowledgeable and in my opinion beyond competitively priced. Travis (also a great communicator) and his crew, Ethan, Jimmy, Nick, Seth (sorry if I missed anyone) are our favorite group, crew to work with. They are knowledgeable and will answer any questions you might have. They leave the trimmed area as they found it, if not cleaned up better. Honestly they are just good people.”

Michele L. (Google Reviews)

“I sat with Matt Shepayo, owner of Preservation Tree Care, while overlooking my new home. He walked me through every single tree, its condition, and what we would need to do to take care of it. With this experience, I shared the story with my family and my sister-in -law immediately had him come to her home to take down a HUGE cottonwood tree they needed to address to sell their home. She was so happy, SHE gave his card to her sister-in-law who 1 year later had the company out to test their main tree for mites. And now Matt has used my services, so I know even more about his professionalism, and experience with being a business owner, Arborist and all around quality human being! Matt has the experience AND the heart to ensure you are taking care of the highest investments of your life…the trees on you property!”

Kathy Schissler (Destination Breakthrough, LLC)