Residential Lawn Health

Building and protecting the health of your lawn is an important investment in your landscape. We focus on the whole system to create a healthier lawn. This includes: proper water, soil conditions, and essential nutrients will help your lawn not just look healthy, but be healthy. Our program helps reduce the amount of pesticides applied to your property, and allows you to enjoy a healthier more beautiful lawn.

With Our Lawn Care Program You Can Expect:

  • Proper Watering:We’ll keep an eye on your lawn while were onsite and let you know if we see areas that need attention. The best method of watering is to apply it less frequently with more quantity(deeper) to help roots grow deeper. This improves the health and durability of the lawn especially when summer days grow hot and dry.
  • Aeration: Studies show aeration reverses the effect of soil compaction which is detrimental to your lawn’s health. Here are some examples of how aeration improves the health of your lawn
    • Increases activity in soil microorganisms a critical component of healthy lawns.
    • Increases water, nutrient an oxygen movement into the soil.
    • Improves rooting.
    • Minimizes runoff and erosion.
  • Weed Control:We use a pre-emergent in the spring and follow up with spot treatments to create a beautiful clean lawn minimizing pesticides applied to your property.
  • Fertilization:We use a proprietary blend of fertilizers designed specifically for the soils we work on. We focus on improving soil health, by adding beneficial microbes, humates and wetting agents, working in harmony with mother nature.

What Makes Us Different:

Environmentally Friendly Products: Now more than ever, homeowners and property managers are paying attention to the materials, such as lawn fertilizer, being used by their lawn and garden service providers. People are increasingly seeking natural and organic options for everything from food to landscaping materials. That’s why we focus on dealing with the underlying “root causes” of lawn health VS treating symptoms and falling into the viscous cycle of chemical treatments.

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