Knowing When It’s Time to Service Your Trees

Knowing When It’s Time to Service Your Trees

Trees provide many benefits to the environment. Not only do they provide much needed oxygen, they provide homes to a variety of wildlife and are a refuge from the sun. Although trees are wonderful, there are times when your tree will be in need to be serviced by a professional arborist. Read on to see whether or not your tree is in need of care. 

Trees Touching Power Lines

One of the biggest indicators that your trees are in need of care is if the branches have started to grow into power lines. This is a huge headache because it can result in multiple problems. For starters, branches can damage power lines, which can ruin your household appliances. Since power lines aren’t limited to your home, you may also damage your neighbor’s property. 

Branches growing into power lines can be a safety hazard. A large tree has the power to bring down a power line and in the city, this is a particular problem. A fallen tree can harm you, your family, friends, or even your pets. 

Your trees growing into your power lines can definitely be a costly mess. Not only do you have the above issues to worry about, but when it comes time to actually trim your tree, it will cost you more. Trimming a tree entangled in power lines takes additional care and time and in some cities, like Denver, you need to hire an arborist with additional certifications to do the job.  

To keep yourself safe and to avoid a costly headache, it’s best to perform routine care like tree trimming and tree pruning prior to the branches growing into the power lines. If you’re unsure where to cut or lack the property equipment, you can call a certified arborist like the professional tree experts at Preservation Tree Care in Denver

Exposed Roots

Exposed roots are always a sight to see because you just don’t expect a tree’s roots to be as large as its branches. Occurring for a variety of reasons including natural land erosion, improper pruning causing the tree to be heavier on one side, and lack of water.

While exposed roots may look cool to a passerby, it’s only neat when the tree doesn’t belong to you. For home and commercial property owners, exposed roots can be a real nightmare. Exposed roots can destroy structures like sidewalks and walls, and can easily fall over with a gust of wind. Furthermore, the longer the roots are exposed, the easier your tree will dry out and die. 

If you’re worried about exposed tree roots at your home or business, you can try to fix things yourself or if you don’t have the time or proper equipment, you can always call in some help from a certified arborist in Denver, like Preservation Tree Care!

Splitting Branches

Failing to properly trim a tree before it gets windy can leave you with an ugly mess. Heavy winds often cause branches to split and crack. If you’re lucky, all you have to do is rake up fallen branches, however, this is rarely the case. Most people will not only have to rake a bunch of fallen branches, they will need to do some additional tree trimming to get rid of split branches still attached to the tree. While this may seem like a simple task, a majority of people lack the proper equipment to trim their trees safely. If you aren’t interested in hurting yourself and would like to make sure your tree is properly trimmed, you can always contact a professional tree trimming arborist in Denver, like the team at Preservation Tree Care.

Visible Decay

While this may not seem like a pertinent issue, visible decay is a sign that your tree is getting weaker and weaker with each passing moment. As it continues to rot from the inside out, the tree will start losing its limbs, and the branches become a hazard just waiting to strike. 

If you’ve noticed decay on any parts of your tree, it’s best to contact an ISA arborist immediately. A professional arborist can assess the situation to see if the tree can be saved. If the tree is beyond repair, an arborist can expertly remove your dead or dying tree, can give you suggestions on a new tree to plan, and can even help you care for your future tree. If you need a tree removed, don’t risk throwing out your back. Contact the tree removal experts at Preservation Tree Care in Denver. 

Need Professional Tree Services? 

If you live in Denver, Colorado, you’re likely familiar with the amount of tree service companies in town; However, you don’t have to leave your trees in the hands of just anyone. You can contact a professional arborist to help with all your tree care needs. If this sounds great, but the idea of shopping around for a great tree company seems exhausting, don’t stress. Preservation Tree Care in Denver is there to help with all your tree services. Contact them today!

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