Fire Mitigation in Colorado

Fire Mitigation in Colorado

Preservation Tree Care Fire Mitigation specialist

Spring winds are back in the West and although the warming temperatures are welcome after the cold winter, we cannot ignore the reality that warmer climates and drying winds could mean fire. Luckily, fire mitigation planning for homes and businesses alike can be achieved by calling a fire mitigation arborist like those at Preservation Tree Care in Denver. A fire mitigation specialist can help keep your property looking great while also keeping it safe. Plus, some insurance companies will offer discounts for additional fire safety on your property, so your fire mitigation tree services can pay for themselves in terms of safety, aesthetics, and potential savings! 

While fire mitigation may seem like an unnecessary tree service, if you only have a few trees or live in the city, professional arborists and tree care service providers can often roll fire mitigation into routine tree maintenance routines and you will sleep better knowing your trees are properly cared for and aren’t posing a threat. So what can you expect from a quality fire mitigation plan offered by tree service providers and professional arborists?


Establish a Perimeter

One of the first steps in fire mitigation planning is clearing a perimeter around your home or business.  A general rule of thumb is creating 100 feet of defensible space, but rest assured that this does not mean brutally clear-clearing your property or intensive tree removal services! The perimeter is broken into zones, with most larger trees remaining near the edges of the perimeter and with tree trimming, pruning, and targeted tree removal occurring near structures to prevent fire ladders. If you have beloved trees near structures, rest assured that tree removal is often unnecessary if trees are healthy, not densely planted, or overhanging structures. In most cases, with regular tree service and maintenance including essential watering, nearby trees can be made safe and can resist fire when maintained under the care of professional and ISA arborists like those at Preservation Tree Care.

Thin Dense Plantings

After establishing a perimeter, ISA and professional arborists can help determine how best to thin dense plantings within this perimeter. In addition to identifying dead branches for pruning and targeting dead trees for removal, professional arborists can help open and lift tree crowns to prevent canopy overlap and keep branches lifted from the ground where fire is most likely to spread. Most fire mitigation planners recommend lifting branches at least ten feet from the ground, as wildfires most often burn low and quick. While a thick trunk with protective bark can withstand fire, thinner branches catch quickly, so lifting them away from burn zones will protect both your property and your trees. Tree service providers and professional arborists can determine the best way to lift your tree crowns while maintaining an elegant and manicured look, so you can be confident that fire mitigation tree services will enhance your property’s aesthetics as well as its safety.

Address and Prevent Overhang

 Sometimes an ornamental or shade tree makes sense nearer structures than low-growth landscaping. The aim of fire mitigation tree services is to work with your existing landscape features and so tree removal is not always the best choice. When tree removal is not an option due to aesthetic appeal, functionality, such as shading the home or business, or even due to personal attachment, tree service providers and professional arborists can still work with these trees to mitigate fire spread. Professional arborists and tree services providers can identify the best methods of tree trimming and tree pruning to eliminate overhang on structures, which goes a long way to mitigating fire spread.


Clear Ground Fuel

Quality tree services should include removal of debris after implementing regular or fire mitigation tree pruning or tree trimming. Not only will clearing your property of downed branches, leaf litter, and pine needles keep your grounds looking their best, debris and dead tree removal also deprives a fire of the fuel it requires to spread. A good fire mitigation plan will include removal of ground fuels, in addition to raising canopies, tree trimming to prevent overhang and canopy overlap, dead tree removal, and clearing of densely planted areas. 


Proper Tree Maintenance is the Best Prevention Method

 Regular tree services are the foundation of any good fire mitigation plan, so consider routine inspections with ISA arborists, tree trimming or pruning, and essential watering services with a local Denver tree care company like Preservation Tree Care. Healthy trees of all varieties are simply better equipped to withstand the pressure of a wildfire. Tree service providers often offer routine tree services to keep your trees in their best health, which pays dividends when you consider the joy trees bring, the valuable role they play within urban and forested ecosystems, and when it comes to fire mitigation. Tree services should include essential watering to provide trees and shrubs with the water and nutrients they require for optimal growth and resilience. Regular inspections with professional arborists can identify tree trimming needs early, before dead branches or pests weaken trees and make them more susceptible to fire. Regular tree trimming and tree pruning increases airflow and reduces the chance of weather-related injury such as branches breaking against structures or other branches in high winds. This in turn reduces the amount of ground fuels falling on your property.

While it is certainly an unpleasant topic to consider, fire mitigation does not need to be a complicated or time-consuming chore. Chances are, if you are already making good use of regular tree services with your local providers like those at Preservation Tree Care, taking advantage of deep and essential watering tree services, and allowing professional arborists to direct your tree trimming and tree removal needs, you are already taking care of the bulk of your fire mitigation planning. The next time you meet with your professional arborist or tree services provider, ask about their fire mitigation planning and rest assured that your property will not only be safer, but that it will continue to look its best, with thriving trees, for years to come!    

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