How to Know When Your Denver Tree Needs Care

How to Know When Your Denver Tree Needs Care

Certified arborist tree climber trimming trees in Denver, Colorado

As a Colorado homeowner, we know you already have a lot on your plate. From keeping your HVAC systems up and running, to tackling that never-ending interior decorating process, there’s no shortage of home improvement tasks waiting for your time and attention. When it comes to your home maintenance and repairs though, one winter project you should never put on the back burner is trimming and caring for your trees! 

Though it may seem like caring for and trimming your trees in the winter is unnecessary because your tree isn’t showing much signs of life, the end of winter is the perfect time to give your trees a good trimming. A good winter tree trim can protect your trees from Colorado’s annual heavy spring snow fall, which can wreak havoc on unmaintained trees. 

If you are unsure of whether or not your trees need to be trimmed or cared for, consider the following: 


Strange Spots and Unusual Growth

One of the reasons you have trees in your yard is because you appreciate the beauty of them. Unfortunately, trees can be susceptible to a variety of fungal infections and growth. If you’ve noticed any unusual growths, odd discoloration, or if your tree isn’t itself growing (or worse, appears to be dying), it’s best to contact a certified arborist, like the experienced professionals at Preservation Tree Care in Denver, immediately.

So what’s the big deal? Quite simply, it’s because pests and diseases, even tree diseases, spread. An infected tree may not only die, it may infect surrounding trees in your yard, as well as neighboring yards. To add urgency, when a tree succumbs to disease, the tree isn’t the only thing at risk. Limbs from dying trees (and in some cases, the entire tree) have been known to fall over, causing serious damage to homes and property. To prevent the spread of pests like Kermes Scale, and diseases like Cytospora, Thyronectria, Needle Cast Disease, it’s best to contact an expert company that specializes in tree care in Denver. They’ll either be able to treat your tree before the disease spreads, or they’ll be able to safely remove the tree, before it further damages other trees or your property. 


Too Much Growth, Too Fast!

It may seem crazy to trim your tree when they have a flux of growth, but unless your tree is the only thing on your property, an overgrown tree might be hurting the rest of the plant life on your property. Overgrown trees may be blocking access to sunlight, may be soaking up a majority of the water in your yard, may even be using up valuable nutrients, and are more prone to breakage from Colorado storms. 

If the other trees or plants in your yard start to look weak, despite your watering efforts, your overgrown tree may be to blame. To assure that your tree continues to look wonderful and that your other plants do the same, you can contact the expertise of a certified arborist in Denver, like the team at Preservation Tree Care. An ISA certified arborist will know the right cuts to make to keep your tree looking/feeling healthy. 

If you’re somebody still considering planting a tree in your yard and would like to know if your dream tree will be the right tree for the spot, don’t hesitate to contact a professional arborist for recommendations on where to plant the tree, what to expect after a few years, and whether or not the tree is right for your area!

A Huge Storm Just Hit!

Everybody loves when a huge storm hits. It’s nature’s way of giving all your plants a well deserved drink. Unfortunately, there are times when a huge storm can cause problems with your trees. 

If you were prolonging tree services at your home or commercial property, a huge storm could force you to call a tree expert. Intense winds can uproot your trees, break branches and large limbs, and can really destroy your property. If you don’t want any of those things to happen, it’s best to trim your tree regularly and make sure it has optimal soil. If a huge storm has already hit and you’re looking for expert tree services in the Denver Metro, contact Preservation Tree Care

Fire Safety

Although it has been a relatively wet winter, whenever you are surrounded by trees, fire is always a concern; However, if you provide your trees with regular care, you can reduce the risk and spread of fire. Making sure all dead trees are removed and that all dead branches are trimmed away will help you keep your home or business safe. If you’re interested in fire mitigation, a great way to start is with a tree inventory. A good tree inventory will help you remember to water, trim, and overall care for your trees. 

While you may be against the spread of fire, trimming your trees regularly can sometimes be complicated. For starters, life is busy. You likely don’t have the time to trim those trees, or to do the research to make sure you’re making the right cuts to your trees. Also, as much as you would like to be able to do the job yourself, you may not have the necessary equipment to do the job safely and efficiently. If any of these are an issue, the best solution is to contact a certified arborist in Denver to trim up your trees and to give you some helpful fire mitigation tips!

Still Don’t Know If You Need Help? Call a Denver Tree Expert!

Although people have been busier than ever, it has never been easier to take care of your trees. With the help of an ISA certified arborist in Denver, you don’t have to worry about your trees suffering. You can sit back and enjoy the views. Contact Preservation Tree Care to discover all the ways we can help you and your trees.

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