Commercial Tree Repair

Trees can be injured in several ways including: construction damage, car accidents, and storm damage. Depending on the level of damage it may be possible to save the tree by repairing it. Our arborists will evaluate the level of damage to see if tree repair is an option.

What’s kinds of problems can be repaired?

  • Split Branches and Forks: Steel rods, cables and bolts are used to draw the branches back together.
  • Tree Wounds: Wounds that are larger than 2″ can be bark traced. The old method of painting wounds has been proven ineffective and even harmful as these dressings hold in moisture and create decay. DON”T USE WOUND DRESSINGS!
  • Uprooted Trees: For some trees it may be possible to straighten the tree and brace it using guy wires or cables.
  • Improper planting: If your tree was planted improperly (and there’s a good chance it was), PTC can help. Using innovative airspade technology we can “unearth” and inspect the root system and correct planting issues. This may include root pruning to correct girdling roots or grade correction to allow for air and water penetration and drainage.
  • Soil Compaction: When the soil underneath your trees is compacted from construction or heavy traffic, the pore space tightens, making water and gases less available. This also deteriorates the soil biology destroying soil health and causing stress and death in trees. If your soil has been compacted, techniques such as air spading can help. By using air to loosen the soil we can add live compost to correct the soil profile and provide the environment that your trees require to be healthy.

What if my tree can’t be repaired?

If our team evaluates your tree and determines that your tree cannot be saved the next step is to consider removing the tree. Once the old tree has been removed our team can consult with you about options for planting a new tree in its place.

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