Commercial Tree Removal

Tree removal is highly technical and requires trained and qualified professionals. Sometimes removing a tree is necessary for the health, aesthetics, safety, and liability of your property. Strategic tree removal can give competing species a chance to develop and mature. In certain instances, it may even be necessary to remove a living tree if it’s interfering with the health of other trees or threatening buildings, driveways, or utility wires.

Tree Removal Alternatives:

At Preservation Tree Care our chief goal is to preserve trees. We never recommend removing a tree unless there is no other option. The first thing we do is determine whether there is a reasonable alternative to tree removal that will allow you to keep your tree.

While proactive tree care and maintenance is the ideal way to ensure longevity, there may be some options for saving a tree you think may need removal.

  • Cabling and Bracing This can provide supplemental support to structurally weak trees. This helps to prevent injuries to your trees, such as branch and union failures, and provides protection against wind and storm damage. This practice can extend the life of large feature trees and repair small trees that can recover from damage.
  • HealthTreatment: These may be options, depending on the state of your tree and the problems it is suffering from.

If your tree can’t be saved, here is what you can expect during the tree removal process:

  • Careful dismantling of branches: Our highly trained personnel, utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and techniques, will carefully dismantle your tree to ensure the protection of your home and property.
  • Wood Chipping: Branches and limbs will be put into a wood chipper turning them into organic mulch. This is then mixed with manure and recycled into compost.
  • Stump Grinding: Our team will cut your stump as low to the ground as possible. We can grind the stump upon request. Grinding the stump will allow space for sod or a new tree to be planted.
  • Wood recycling: Upon request we can work with local wood mills and artisans to turn your tree into unique furniture for generations to come

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