PTC Purpose

To leave a lasting positive impact on our team, clients and environment, through the love of trees.

PTC Vision

To become the most desired, impactful and profitable leader in the tree care industry.

People are happy to work for us and happy to work with us.
We seek to provide education and influence legislation.
We strive to have a positive impact the health of urban and rural forests.
we desire to leave a legacy – with our team and community.


We are committed to sustainable, high quality tree, property, and client care.

Methodology & Beliefs

Our goal is to provide long term strategies to property managers and property owners. We believe in having fun, and using innovation through education to deliver the highest quality of tree care available. We continue to learn and grow and use the most relevant tree care techniques along with organic pest and disease products whenever possible.

We believe that we are all a part of the environment and that the practices we use matter. Our goal is to create a dynamic, sustainable tree care company that cares for our employees, our clients, their trees, and our community.

We serve both residential and commercial clients we take pride in educating all of our clients on how to best care for their trees long term.

Company History

President and Chief Arborist Matt Shepayo founded Preservation Tree Care Inc. in 2003. Matt built the company with a passion for tree care, environmental responsibility and sustainability and a deep desire to share his knowledge of tree care with others. Slowly growing the company and learning business through the school of hard knocks, Matt and Preservation underwent many changes over the years but never strayed from its core values: excellence, integrity, and accountability.

In 2012 Matt hired Adena Shepayo’s company to help further develop the company structure, organization, culture and values. Adena implemented new systems to allow PTC to become the company it is today. Today Adena is the Vice President of Preservation Tree Care. Her tireless commitment to excellence is reflected in all that she does.

Since its inception Preservation Tree Care has been dedicated to being one of the most respected companies in the area, providing comprehensive tree and plant care to our clients. We now offer complete lawn and tree fertilization programs, including the diagnosis and treatment of pests and diseases, along with full service tree planting, pruning and removal.