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" Laura Harris " Dt: 13-12-2016

We had Matt Mayo with Preservation Tree Care out to our home to survey our property and the trees around it. We immediately liked Matt and his enthusiasm for trees. He knew all kinds of interesting facts about our trees, how old they were, how they have survived different weather years etc. Afterwards he gave us a clear understanding of what it will take to care for our trees and maintain their branches. Prior to Preservation Tree Care's treatments and pruning, we would inevitably loose branches in the heavy spring and fall snow storms. Since we have been working with them, we have not lost any branches and our trees look better than ever. We have a large apple tree that is almost dead and we will be using Preservation Tree Care to remove it for us. We look forward to working with them again. Laura Harris Harris Family Chiropractic and Massage

" Kathy Schissler " Dt: 10/5/2018

I sat with Matt Mayo, owner of Preservation Tree Care, while overlooking my new home. He walked me through every single tree, its condition, and what we would need to do to take care of it. With this experience, I shared the story with my family and my sister-in -law immediate had him come to her home to take down a HUGE cottonwood tree the needed to address to sell their home. She was so happy, SHE gave his card to her sister-in-law who 1 year later had the company out to test their main tree for mites. And now Matt has used my services, so I know even more about his professionalism, and experience with being a business owner, Arborist and all around quality human being! Matt has the experience AND the heart to ensure you are taking care of the highest investments of your life...the trees on you property! If you have any needs or questions, call Matt and let Preservation Tree Care ...for your trees! Kathy Schissler Destination Breakthrough, LLC
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