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Our Services
Preserving the health and beauty of your trees, through the proper use of plant health care, pruning, and watering.
Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
Building and protecting the health of trees and shrubs
Enhances the health, beauty and structure of trees and shrubs
Answers to questions and evaluations of trees Growth regulator treatments Promotes healthy tree growth
Essential Watering
Provides trees and shrubs with necessary water
Tree Repair
Cabling, bracing and restoration pruning
Tree & Stump Removal
Safe removal and efficient cleanup
Lawn Health Care
Building and protecting the health of lawns. Just as with out plant health care, we focus on the whole system to create a healthier lawn. Proper water, soil conditions, and essential nutrients will help your lawn not just look healthy, but be healthy. Our program helps reduce the amount of pesticides applied to your property, and allows you to better enjoy a healthier lawn
Tree & Shrub Planting
Our tree and shrub planting starts with a site analysis to help you choose the right tree for the right place. Then we hand pick the best quality nursery stock, deliver and install your new tree and guarantee it for one year. During this first year we monitor the tree to make sure that it is on its way to creating memories.
About Us
Preservation Tree Care’s mission is to provide safe, reliable, and strategic management of trees using sustainable techniques. Preservation Tree Care team members are committed to personal and company growth through open and honest communications, accountability, team work and a commitment to excellence through knowledge and training. As certified arborists, we are trained to evaluate and provide plant health care for trees that can increase the value of your property
  • ISA Certified Arborists® on staff.
  • Over 15 years caring for trees.
  • A caring and respectful team that respects your property and provides a professional cleanup.
  • Safety is our #1 priority.
  • We offer free estimates and competitive pricing.
  • We are fully licensed and insured for your protection.

Company History

President and Chief Arborist Matt Mayo founded Preservation Tree Care Inc. in 2003. Matt built the company with a passion for tree care, environmental responsibility and sustainability and a deep desire to share his knowledge of tree care with others. Slowly growing the company and learning business through the school of hard knocks, Matt and Preservation underwent many changes over the years but never strayed from its core values: excellence, integrity, and accountability. Since its inception Preservation Tree Care has been dedicated to being one of the most respected companies in the area, providing comprehensive tree and plant care to our clients. We now offer complete lawn and tree fertilization programs, including the diagnosis and treatment of pests and diseases, along with full service tree planting, pruning and removal.

Methodology & Beliefs

Our goal is to provide long term strategies to property managers and property owners. We believe in having fun, and using innovation through education to deliver the highest quality of tree care available. We continue to learn and grow and use the most relevant tree care techniques along with organic pest and disease products whenever possible. We believe that we are all a part of the environment and that the practices we use matter. Our goal is to create a dynamic, sustainable tree care company that cares for our employees, our clients, their trees and our community. We serve both residential and commercial clients we take pride in educating all of our clients on how to best care for their trees long term.

Team Members
Matt Shepayo
Team Members
Steve Geraths
Team Members
Jon Carleton
Team Members
Hunter Halverson
Team Members
Joe D Ailleboust
Team Members
Eric Demuth
Team Members
Morty Mortensen
Team Members
The Crew
Our Equipment



Like the Praying Mantis which catch and devour other insects alive, this rig will rid your trees of nasty pests aimed to harm them.



Just like the big white whale Moby is our big white truck with an enormous holding capacity for wood or chips.

Taco I


Like an eagle poised to strike this Tacoma flies Jon to all his appointments

The Guzzler


A lean mean tree guzzling machine. Chews up and spits out trees up to 15 in diameter whole. If you would like us to leave the mulch from your trees onsite let us know.



This massive machine will blast our workers to the tops of your trees. This is the finest make and model, that is sturdy, stable and agile like a rocket. This bucket truck can get us to hard to reach places and creates a sense of ease with even the most difficult wildly trees. Meet Dynamo our 2017 Bucket Truck.

Little 'B'


Short for little beaver this 12' chipper consumes brush and small trees with an appetite.If you would like us to leave the mulch from your trees onsite let us know.



This crazy stump grinder will make for quick work out even the gnarliest root systems. Meet Taz the Vermeer 362 stump grinder.

Alpine Magnum


This compact chainsaw head stump grinder can grind out even the biggest stumps in areas that other machines can't get to. Weather it's a raised bed, terrace or just a back yard with limited access the alpine magnum will make dust out of your stumps.

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